Clarify all your doubts and inquiries about the deposits in Rentalmar Apartments.

To guarantee the respectful and careful use of the facilities and furniture of the apartments as well as the state in which the apartment is left on departure and compliance with our conditions and regulations (which you can consult here) by our clients. The deposit will be returned in its entirety, if the apartment is returned in exactly the same conditions as it was when it was received, and there may be partial or total withholdings depending on the severity of the breach or damage caused.

The deposit is €50 per person, with a minimum of between €100 and €400 depending on the apartment reserved. You can see in the link below the complete list of minimum deposit amounts according to apartment:

See minimum deposit per apartment

No, the deposit must be left on a credit or debit card. On it, we will make a withholding that we will release upon departure, if applicable.

There are various reasons, among others, causing damage to the apartment or the common areas of the building, leaving the garbage without taking it out, dirt on the floor, unwashed utensils, breakage of any utensil in the apartment or loss of keys. Failure to comply with our conditions and regulations (which you can consult here) as well as causing inconvenience to the neighbors, will also be grounds for partial or total loss of the deposit.

Certain events considered serious entail the loss of the entire deposit and even expulsion from the apartment. These facts include having parties in the building, throwing objects from the balcony, going from one apartment to another through the balcony/terrace, or hosting unregistered people inside the apartment.

Lack of respect for any other client, Rentalmar staff, security personnel or a neighbor will also be grounds for loss of deposit.

Ignoring any of the indications set out in our general regulations will also be a cause for withholding the deposit. You can see the general regulations in the following link: See regulations

If you breach our conditions and regulations during your stay, we may withhold part or all of the deposit. In this case, if you want to stay in the apartment, you must replace the lost deposit to restore it, as we cannot have anyone staying without a deposit. If you do not wish to replace the deposit, you will have to leave the apartment and if you do not, we will be forced to request the assistance of the police.

In this case, please call us at the contact number that we will have given you when we receive you at reception so that we can help you as soon as possible.

We will try to fix or replace broken objects as quickly as possible, while we evaluate whether any amount should be deducted from the deposit retained due to possible misuse of the facilities.

If our staff finds the apartment in perfect condition during its review, we will issue the refund order to the bank within 24 hours after Check-Out.

Important: keep in mind that even if we issue the refund within the first 24 hours, the bank may take between 7 and 10 working days to make the refund effective in your account and the possibility of speeding up this process is completely beyond our control.

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